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This is my curated personal weekly reading log: all the media I consumed each week that I thought was worth saving, because it was novel, interesting, thought provoking, or well written. It is not the news—that is a job I don’t want to have. These pieces tend to be more timeless. It is also low-volume; I read a lot, but less than 10% of what I consume makes it onto this log at all. However, of the things I see that are worth saving, nearly all will make it into this log.


  • My summaries for each item are super haphazard and incomplete. They are more notes-to-self with a key point or two that stood out most (whether I think it’s true or not), not any kind of deep engagement with the piece. No note is my complete, nuanced thoughts on a subject, obviously.

  • I don’t 100% agree with almost anything on this list. In fact, I read things I disagree with on purpose, for perspective, and in case I'm wrong. Things are linked here not for being gospel truth, but for teaching me something even if I think the rest is nonsense.

  • Relatedly, inclusion in this list is not a personal endorsement. I believe we can learn something positive from everyone, regardless of their other flaws.

  • Ratings are for novelty and quality at that specific time—a great piece may be rated low because I’d already been exposed to the ideas, or a mediocre piece rated high because it was my first encounter with an interesting idea. (tbh this is a pretty subjective system, the boundaries are blurry, and I am not perfectly consistent)

I rate each piece on a scale from 1-7, as a bit of extra curation:

  • 1-3 (0%): Maybe interesting but not worth saving—not in this list.

  • 4 (~50%): Baseline interesting and worth saving, I may want to come back and reference it; this is already the top 5-10% of what I read.

  • 5 (~35%): Distinctly novel or thought provoking above the baseline of 4.

  • 6 (~13%): Unusually novel and well written, really made me think. Definitely worth coming back to periodically.

  • 7 (~2%): Truly exceptional/singular, timeless. I strongly encourage pretty much everyone to read this.

Check out the full archive of all past readings here.

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